Hollywood beauty and nutraceutical expert Scott-Vincent Borba is on a mission to help women everywhere become beauty foodies. The author of “Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous” says you can ramp up your appearance by blending simple ingredients from your pantry – including Malaysian palm oil – into homemade treatments that will leave your skin looking amazing.

“Start by transforming your showerhead into an aroma therapy sauna. Close your bathroom door and window, then fill the tub about halfway with very hot water,” says Borba, who was named “the next Tom Ford for Beauty.”

“Keep the shower door closed to trap in as much heat as possible. Sit next to the shower/tub to enjoy the steam that has filled the room. If you’d like, light candles and use aromatherapy oils to relax.”

Here are a couple of Borba’s DIY recipes that will help you to cook up some more gorgeousness. Any of these can be used while enjoying your aromatherapy sauna.

Firm and tighten sagging facial skin

Hot towel
½ Cup Greek yogurt
½ Cup buttermilk
Tsp. freshly brewed coffee grounds
5 Vitamin E tocotrienol capsules
1 Tbsp. aloe vera gel
Blend all of the ingredients together and slather on your face. Cover with a moist, hot towel until it cools. Then rinse. Be sure to take the tocotrienol capsules by mouth daily too. They contain powerful antioxidants sourced from Malaysian palm fruit oil, which have a number of health benefits including potentially delaying the aging of skin cells.

Reduce stretch marks

1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper
1 Tbs. Malaysian red palm oil
1 Tbs. Crisco

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Massage into stretch mark areas. Always use Malaysian Red Palm Oil because it is responsibly sourced and good for the planet. Keep the remainder for cooking because it’s naturally trans-fat free, good for brain and heart health, and won’t burn at high temperatures like olive oil can. Crisco may have a bad rap, but natural and hyper-moisturizing. It’s also really good at locking treatment ingredients into stubborn areas. But if you absolutely can’t handle Crisco, a high-quality cocoa and shea butter combination is just as good.

These simple recipes for flawless beauty are game changers because they actually work, and they won’t dent your dollars. Who knew that some of the world’s most powerful beauty enhancers could make the price we pay for beauty so palatable?