The Bornean orangutan and elephant are two of Malaysia’s most iconic animals, and the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is committed to ensuring these majestic creatures continue to thrive in their natural habitat in Sabah. MPOC is partnering with the Sabah Wildlife Department to fund and oversee new conservation programs and a population survey that will help evaluate the effectiveness of current efforts and build on past successes that have made Malaysia a leader in responsibly produced sustainable palm oil.      

The Bornean Orangutan and Bornean Elephant Population Survey and Conservation Program will provide the first count of these animal populations in at least eight years and determine if current wildlife management practices have ended drastic population declines. Researchers, scientists and wildlife managers will come together at a forum to answer the oil palm industry’s top questions about conservation and teach plantation owners best practices around land management.

The program will also look at human-wildlife conflicts and create a Citizen Science Program for tracking incidents. Awareness programs tailored to address the varying experiences of communities and oil palm estates will expand education around protecting animals from conflicts.

Collaboration is key to making these important conservation efforts and an updated survey of the animal populations possible. In addition to MPOC and the Sabah Wildlife Department, NGOs, members of the palm oil industry and the state government of Sabah have been invited to be stakeholders.

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