Carotech, the largest and only GMP-certified tocotrienol producer in the world, has announced that it has achieved Non-GMO Project verification for its range of Tocomin and Tocomin SupraBio natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex.

The Non-GMO Project is an independent third-party verification program that aims to provide companies that are interested in providing their customers with more information regarding the GMO risk of their products, as well as increasing consumers’ access to non-GMO foods. It also allows companies to secure non-GMO food and dietary supplement ingredients.

Carotech’s Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients include Tocomin SupraBio 20%, Tocomin 50%, Tocomin 30%, and Tocomin 20% (natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex).

Tocomin SupraBio 20%, a patented & bio-enhanced full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex, is Carotech’s number one selling product that guarantees an increase in absorption (250 percent) of each individual tocotrienol compared to a generic tocotrienol oil extract. It is used primarily in neuroprotection, cardioprotection, liver health and skin formulations.

“Achieving Non-GMO verification is not easy as it involves a complex process. Although our feedstocks are sourced from non-GMO Malaysian Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis), we went ahead to submit for Non-GMO Project Verification for these ingredients with the intention to assist our customers with complying with GMO labeling requirements as well as to expedite product development that meet consumers’ demand for non-GM food or dietary supplements,” says WH Leong, vice president of Carotech, Inc.

“As the leading supplier of tocotrienols, we reacted proactively to obtain the Non-GMO Project verification seal for our ingredients, and it is our way of assuring our customers that we understand their concerns to avoid GM ingredients in their products,” added Leong.

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