Dimples should be in your cheeks, not your thighs. Appearing on KTTV’s Good Day LA, Hollywood beauty and nutraceutical expert Scott-Vincent Borba revealed his cellulite-reducing recipe made with sustainable palm oil from Malaysia. Combining the palm oil with a little cayenne pepper, Crisco and collagen capsules, Borba created a do-it-yourself cream out of ingredients found in many pantries.

Borba, who has worked with such beauties as Mila Kunis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nancy O’Dell and Ashley Green, believes in leveraging common, all-natural ingredients – both inside and outside – for stunning results.

Borba prefers using natural ingredients for everything from age-reversing foods to fabulous homemade facials. Borba loves to convert his celebrity clients into “beauty foodies” and to share these same trade secrets with the public. It all starts with nutrition. “By maintaining a good diet, you help balance your hormones and give your body the nutrients it needs to fight stress and power itself,” he says.

In addition to using Malaysian palm oil as a powerful beauty enhancer, for example, he recommends cooking with it because:

  • It is responsibly sourced and good for the planet.
  • It is naturally trans-fat free.
  • It is good for brain and heart health.
  • It won’t burn at high temperatures like olive oil does.

Malaysian red palm oil is a favored ingredient in hair and skin products because it helps to restore your body’s natural oils. And its abundant vitamin E tocotrienols are strong antioxidants. Researchers believe that they may be very important in protecting the skin from oxidative stress. This is why they are frequently found in anti-aging lotions, foundations, shampoos and soaps.

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The carotenoids from red palm fruit may also help to boost healthy tissue’s ability to protect itself from harmful toxins. In fact, by helping to protect your skin against UV damage and the resulting premature aging, it’s almost like having sunscreen from the inside out.

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