Malaysia has been a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production for decades. The media has noticed! Many initiatives funded in part by the Malaysian palm oil industry have been featured in digital and print magazines and news sites, including many environment-focused publications. 

The progressive country’s balanced approach to oil palm cultivation has supported the farmers, protected the country’s environment and wildlife, and helped build a stronger economy.

Organizations such as Wild Animals in Wild Land and The Good Men Project have praised the country’s commitment to the environment. At the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Malaysia pledged to keep at least half of its land under forest cover. It has kept that promise while becoming a major global palm oil producer.

Nonprofits such as CharityPaws are encouraging the use of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, because of the Malaysian palm oil industry’s financial support of  wildlife conservation organizations. Charity Paws states, “When you support brands that use sustainable palm oil you are helping preserve the animals living in the Malaysian rainforest.”

Elephant Journal reported that agriculture and wildlife coexist in Malaysia: “Thanks to the country’s stringent laws protecting more than 50% of its forested areas, as well as its nationally mandated sustainable palm oil certification program, Malaysia is managing the delicate balance between caring for its wildlife and the economy.”

E: The Environmental Magazine, Eden Magazine and Focusing on Wildlife shared information about Sabah’s Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU), a conservation group supported in part by the Malaysian palm oil industry. WRU works tirelessly on behalf of the country’s elephants, orangutans, sun bears and other wildlife.

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