Tocotrienols are much more powerful antioxidants than tocopherols in our body and are therefore much more efficient scavengers of damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced by our body’s aerobic metabolism.

Scientific research conducted in the United States and elsewhere around the globe has demonstrated that tocotrienols have amazing beneficial health effects which include:

  1. regress atherosclerotic plaques in stroke patients,
  2. inhibit entry of white blood cells into arterial wall to become devouring phagocytes, thereby preventing early plaque formation,
  3. inhibit blood clot formation in the bloodstream (anti-thrombotic effect),
  4. protect skin from damage by ultra-violet rays of the sun (prevent premature aging)
  5. kill cancer cells (“apoptosis”)
  6. inhibit the growth and spread of breast cancer cells!

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